Tips to romance a man

commitDo you want some tips on romancing a man? There are various romance blog that guides you on how you should make romance with your loved ones. The first thing you want to ensure is you must feel him comfortable when you are with him. You must give him a belief that he will not be rejected.
If you are really fond of him then show him interest and then step back. You can seek his help often for anything like guidance on financial investments, solving a computer problem or helping you in shopping etc. You must back off for some time so that he knows how much he misses you and he understands your importance in his life.
You can invite him with your other friends to watch a TV program, movie, sports program etc and show him how much fun you had by spending time with your friends. It makes him attracted to you. You can also invite him to support you in your work. For instance download a new song from your iPad, test drive newly bought car. If has any particular skills like music, sports etc you can ask him to teach you. It is a good chance for both of you to know about each other. For example, if he is a good chess player or good in video games, you can ask him to teach you.
If he has interest in reading news from various sources then you must read the news and discuss with him. Whatever may be his interest, you must learn it and discuss with him. You can go for outing to some of the places where he is comfortable and enjoys. You must choose the simple topic where you will not argue with him. You must ensure that the conversation between both of you is light.
If he is interested to go to someplace or do something even though you don’t like it you should not reveal him. You must act that you too like the same thing so that he feels both of you travels in the same ship and have fun when spending time with you.
The next thing is if possible you can touch him whenever you get a chance. For example, if he teaches you to play golf you request him to teach how to hold the racket and remain in the touching position. Use mild perfumes and men like only light perfumes. You should never overdo with the perfumes. When teaching you something like tennis you could ask him interesting questions.
If you are afraid of fishing, climbing, hunting etc you can ask his help when you go with him. After the dinner or party, once all the friends have gone you can ask him to help you in cleaning. You turn on the slow music dance while cleaning. He will come back to you if he enjoys spending time with you and you can understand he is also interested in you. You must tease him a little, tempt him and makes sure that he likes your presence all the times. You can follow the above tips to make your relationship with the guy fun and exciting.